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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Concrete lathe spindle

As suggested by Pat Delaney, I have machined the spindle parts out of scrap. The spindle measures 350 mm long and has a through bore of 70mm. It is turned from an old piece of hydraulic cylinder.
Concrete lathe spindle
As you can see I have cut a nut and washers. The thread is 76x2mm;a hybrid size!  The spindle bearings housing is an old caterpillar engine wet liner.
Concrete lathe homemade spindle housing using caterpillar wet sleeve
Concrete lathe spindle housing
The bearings are truck taper roller bearings.
You will note I have made everything as big as I can find materials. I intend to build at least a one meter Bc lathe with a swing of about 400mm so I can machine automotive brake drums and clutch flywheels.

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