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Monday, 1 February 2016

The beginning...

I have given up trying to build up my machine shop again by buying used equipment. It's all too expensive and out of reach on my salary!
 Because I work as an automotive machinist and fitter Turner, I am going to make my own machinery. My first project is to build a yeoman type concrete lathe.
For those interested in building their own machinery, then watch this blog! Lathe first, then milling machine followed by a surface grinder probably. My aim is to equip myself to carry out light automotive machining One day.
My lathe needs a big swing over bed clearance so I can machine automotive clutch flywheels and brake disks and drums. Here is the link to the inspiration to my idea. Pat Delaneys concrete mutimachine.YEOMANS.pdf
All engineering machines require heavy rigid structures to minimise harmonic resonance. Chatter as it's called by machinists. Concrete is an affordable way of doing this. Concrete is old technology and had been used for making just about anything including ships! Just like conventional metal, it also had shrinkage dynamics that have to be calculated. Pat Delaneys, using early work war technology had illustrated a way to use concrete and "float" the precision elements of the machinery within the concrete. It's logical and it works.

Here are photos of the machined parts I have made so far. They comprise the spindle assembly. Through bore is 70mm. I am doing everything as big as I can afford. These parts are made from scrap hydraulic cylinders and truck taper wheel bearings. The spindle housing is an old caterpillar engine wet sleeve.
Close up of spindle machined from old hydraulic cylinder

Caterpillar engine wet sleeve bored to match truck bearings. This is the spindle bearing housing.

Spindle nuts and washers

Heavy 70mm id Truck bearings used for spindle bearings.


  1. This is fantastic! Please keep us updated on your progress.

  2. Will do. Would appreciate input in the ways. See my post.

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  4. Most inspirational! Very best wishes for a successful completion.